Aug 23, 2023

Fischer introduces new air source water heater, Aquafficient Eco+

With its ability to replace existing cylinders, Aquafficient Eco+ is an ideal choice for a wide range of applications, delivering a cost-effective, energy efficient and space-saving solution for hot water.

The Aquafficient Eco+ uses the warm air in buildings to provide hot water and utilises a refrigerant which then compresses, enabling the transfer of heat to the water in the Aquafficient Eco+ system. The result is the delivery of water at temperatures of up to 60oC.

This convenient and eco-friendly air source water heater is the perfect solution for reducing carbon emissions and is up to two to three times more energy efficient than a conventional water cylinder.

The Aquafficient Eco+ requires minimal maintenance and, as an added benefit, features a single 1.5kW robust titanium heating element built-in as a backup, meaning customers will never be without hot water.

The Aquafficient Eco + can be used in conjunction with Fischer’s Heat Only electric boiler for efficient space heating or alternatively as a standalone air source water heater and hot water system. Customers are also combining it with Fischer’s 40mm HeatCore radiators for added heating control and efficiency.

Built with a stainless steel casing, 80mm of highly efficient insulation and finished in white, Aquafficient Eco+ has a sleek, modern design ideal for homes, offices and other applications. The versatile and modern unit can either be wall-mounted or floor-standing and is suitable for installation in all rooms including an accessible and fully insulated loft.

A built-in anti-legionella system makes the system ideally suited for a range of commercial applications including healthcare, hospitality and educational institutions.

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