Jun 04, 2023

The 5 Best Space Heaters For Large Rooms With High Ceilings

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Heating a large room presents a challenge in and of itself, and when your living space also has high or vaulted ceilings, it can be especially difficult to maintain a comfortable temperature. Fortunately, the best space heaters for large rooms with high ceilings are up to the task, and will keep your home cozy with the help of ceramic heating elements, infrared technology, or even mica-thermic panels.

Generally speaking, heaters for big rooms come in two styles: ceramic and radiant. Here’s what to know about each:

Typically what you might think of when you picture a space heater, these use electricity to heat a ceramic element while a fan circulates the warm air throughout your living space. Since ceramic heaters heat the surrounding air, the warmth tends to rise and dissipate quickly, so while they’re usually budget-friendly, they’re not the most efficient option for heating a room with high ceilings. That being said, some units are powerful enough to tackle the task, so take note of square foot coverage, and check user reviews. Ceramic heaters also generate some white noise, so they’re not your pick if you’re looking for something super quiet.

Instead of heating the surrounding air, these create radiant heat that warms nearby people and objects for a feel that’s a lot like sitting in the sun. They’re very quiet, and since you won’t have to worry about losing any warmth due to the hot air rising, they’re the most energy-efficient heaters for large rooms. However, they’re most effective when you’re sitting near them, so you may not feel as much warmth from across the room.

The best radiant heaters come in several styles. Infrared heaters are the most common type, and some have built-in fans that circulate heat throughout the room, rather than just warming up people in the direct vicinity. Oil-filled heaters look a lot like traditional wall radiators, and while it takes some time for them to warm up, they retain heat well and will continue to offer warmth after they’ve been turned off. Last, mica-thermic heaters utilize layers of mica sheets that transmit electromagnetic rays, and the slim panel design makes them very space-efficient.

Once you’ve landed on which type of large-room heater you want, consider features like a timer, digital or manual controls, and the convenience of a remote.

With all that, I’ve rounded up a list of the best space heaters for large rooms with high ceilings that’ll add warmth and coziness to your space.

In a hurry? These are the top picks:

This radiant heater from Dr Infrared has a dual heating system that simultaneously warms objects and people with infrared heat, while the built-in blower circulates air throughout the space. It has a temperature range of 50 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit, and the buttons on the display let you dial in on your preferred level of warmth as well as check the ambient temperature of the room. It can be controlled via the front panel or with the included remote, both of which give you options to set the heater on a timer or toggle between three modes: high, low, and energy-saving auto. Because of the fan, this heater gives off a little noise, but overall, reviewers were pleased with how quiet this option is. Four casters at the base of the sturdy wood frame make it highly portable, and it has an automatic shutoff feature in case it overheats or gets tipped over.

A reviewer wrote: “2 years later and my this is still going strong! We use it in the winter because we have vaulted ceilings and all the heat rises to the ceiling while we freeze downstairs. Then when it's time for bed, we roll it into the bedroom and it keeps us warm all night. Because we don't have to run our heater as high, It's reduced our winter electricity bill significantly.”

Type of heat: infrared radiant+ fan | Coverage: up to 1,000 square feet | Dimensions: 13 x 12.5 x 17 inches

If you’re looking for a near-silent option, the De’Longhi radiator-style space heater is a good choice. Keep in mind that it takes considerably longer for an oil-filled heater to give off warmth — so it’s not your best bet if you’re looking for something that works instantly — but since it’s good at maintaining temperatures, it’ll continue to provide heat long after it’s been shut off, making it an energy-efficient pick. (And, if you’re wondering, you don’t have to refill the oil, as it remains inside and never burns off.)

The wheeled heater moves easily, thanks to a handle at the top, and while it does not come with a remote control, it does have an adjustable thermostat, three heat settings, and the option to set a timer via the digital display. The heater’s eco mode optimizes energy consumption, and it has a thermal shutoff setting that prevents overheating. However, there’s no tip-over protection, but that may be less of a concern as the heater is elevated and on casters. Choose from two colors: black and white.

A reviewer wrote: “This is the best heater that I've found. It costs a little more, but it saves money due to having a digital thermostat that's easy to set and use. It heats a good sized room too and we have a lot of windows and a vaulted ceiling. Worth every cent!”

Type of heat: oil-filled radiant | Coverage: up to 800 square feet (according to a reviewer) | Dimensions: 16.4 x 10.3 x 26.1 inches

If portability isn’t a priority, this radiant infrared heater from Heat Storm can be mounted to a wall to free up floor space, and the cord can be hidden to give the setup a more permanent, polished look when installed over an outlet. It’s also constructed with feet, so you can just keep it on the floor like any portable space heater, if you like. The digital thermostat and accompanying remote control let you adjust the temperature or activate the auto eco mode to save energy. Like all infrared heaters, it’ll warm people and objects — instead of the air — and reviewers have reported the unit is “virtually silent.” The body of the heater and the grill have a cool-touch design, and there’s built-in overheat and tip-over protection, but no built-in fan to circulate heat.

This pick is available in two colors — gray and white — as well as a Wi-Fi-enabled option that can be controlled using your smartphone, which is helpful if you want to customize the heating schedule or check that you turned the heater off after you’ve left home.

A reviewer wrote: “I live in a basement and it's always cold down there. My basement is very spacious and the ceilings are very very high. I set it to 77 degrees and when I woke up and walked into the living room the entire space was so warm and comfortable. It's small but powerful. It really does the job. Not to mention that it's very quiet, doesn't have that annoying fan background noise.”

Type of heat: infrared radiant | Coverage: up to 750 square feet | Dimensions: 18.75 x 4.5 x 12.74 inches

This panel heater from De’Longhi has a sleek, versatile design that can be mounted to a wall or simply set on top of the included wheeled stand. Although it’s rated to cover smaller areas than other options on the list, several reviewers noted that the “very quiet” heater provides adequate warmth in large rooms with tall ceilings. The unit’s dual heat settings and adjustable thermostat are controlled manually via two dials (though there’s no remote control), and an internal thermal cut-off and tip-over switch power off the unit if it becomes too hot or unstable.

A reviewer wrote: “Heats a large area very well. Hardly can tell that it’s on, it’s so quiet. Using this in living room/kitchen combo with vaulted ceilings. Product is much larger than I anticipated but love that it has casters which move very easily.”

Type of heat: mica-thermic radiant | Coverage: up to 300 square feet | Dimensions: 27 x 10 x 22 inches

Much like a tower fan, Lasko’s ceramic space heater uses forced air to push heat out through a series of slats, and it has an adjustable oscillation setting to move warm air throughout your living space. And while some heat might be lost as it rises, multiple reviewers wrote that this unit does a great job of warming up large, high-ceilinged rooms. Keep in mind, though, that the fan will produce some white noise, so it’s not your pick if you’re looking for something super quiet.

This large-room electric heater has high, low, and auto heat settings, an adjustable thermostat, and a timer, all of which can be controlled on the unit’s panel or with the included remote. It has overheat protection (but there’s no mention of tip-over protection), and the built-in handle means you can bring the heater from room to room to provide warmth where you need it most.

A reviewer wrote: “Excellent value for the price. Efficient and quiet. Heats a large family room with a cathedral ceiling well. Excellent value for the price.”

Type of heat: ceramic/forced air | Coverage: up to 300 square feet | Dimensions: 7.25 x 8.6 x 23 inches

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