Jan 21, 2024

Another I missed: Servers heat your hot water for free

A company called Heata is offering to heat your hot water cylinder by attaching a server to it, which will process computation loads from who-knows-where, arriving by a dedicated fibre or 4G/5G wireless.

The deal for the hot water tank owner, is that they get free hot water – up to 4.8kWh/day, said the company, adding that it is contractually obliged to provide 2.5kWh/day.

Heata pays for the electricity used by the unit, and the cylinder’s owner (‘host’ in Heata-speak) “is credited for the amount used, at 10% above the market rate”, it said.

Only those with vented 425 – 450mm diameter hot water cylinders need apply.

The company has a patent for its scheme and hardware (Google patent link)

Caveat emptor – Electronics Weekly knows nothing about this scheme beyond what is publicly available on the website.Judge for yourself on the Heata website

Steve Bush