Jun 25, 2023

Best Room Heaters In India (August 2023): Your Ultimate Cozy Companion

Best Room Heaters In India: Discover the top room heaters in India to warm up the forthcoming winter season. Learn about different categories of space heaters and read details of best-rated selections to make an intelligent choice.

Best Room Heaters In India: As the Indian winter creeps most of us start seeking comfort in the warmth of a snuggly blanket, a hot cup of coffee, and, of course, a good quality room heater. The question bounces, though, "Which is the best room heater in India?" Let's walk this journey of selection together, categorizing the best room heaters, discussing their features, and thus enabling you to make an educated purchase decision.

When discovering the best room heaters, we need to know the different types available. Essentially, there are some major types.

1. Convection Heaters

Convection heaters operate using convection technology. A coil or a panel is heated and a blower or fan is then directed towards this warmed panel. This process circulates the heated air throughout the room, evenly raising the temperature. This heater comes in the list of best room heaters in India.

Bajaj Majesty RX 7 2000 Watts Heat Convector Room Heater -13% Off - Rs 2,599.

2. Fan Heaters

These types of heaters operate on convection heating technology, offering the ability to warm up a sealed room faster compared to other heaters. However, a permanent running fan or a blower inside makes them relatively noisier and inappropriate for use in moist environments.

Orpat OEH-1220 2000-Watt Fan Heater -14% Off - Rs 1,120.

3. Conduction Heaters

Conduction heaters heat rooms by utilizing the properties of a glowing, electrically-heated metallic coil. Initially, the areas that are in close proximity to the heater are warmed. The heat then gradually disperses to all parts of the room.

Oreva Portable Heater -7% Off - Rs 1,500.

4. Quartz Heaters

If you searching for the best room heater in India for your small room then quartz heaters are ideal options, these heaters employ radiation technology. The heat-resistant quartz tube contains the heating filament. Due to their extreme heat production, it's recommended not to use them around children or pets.

Hilton Quartz Heater 400/800-Watt ISI 2 Rods Multi-Mode Heater Long Lasting Quick Heating Extremely Warm -39% Off - Rs 1,149.

5. Radiant Heaters

Radiant heaters function based on infrared radiation. The infrared rays directly heat the surfaces onto which they are directed. This direct heating method generates the necessary warmth in the room.

Bajaj Deluxe 2000 Watts Halogen Room Heater -21% Off - Rs 1,505.

6. Infrared Radiant Heaters

These heaters utilize infrared rays to warm up a room and are particularly efficient when sitting in close proximity. Their unique attribute of heating objects rather than the surrounding atmosphere makes them an ideal choice for individuals sensitive to dust, as they do not stir up allergens.

Xtreme Infrared Room Heater H1 1800 Watts White.

7. PTC Room Heaters

PTC, meaning Positive Temperature Coefficient, aids in maintaining a stable room temperature for extended periods. These heaters do not excessively heat the room, and they quickly attain the pre-set temperature. PTC room heaters consider one of the best room heaters in India.

Havells OFR 9 Wave Fin with PTC 2400 Watts Fan Heater -40% Off - Rs 8,999.

8. Heat Convector Room Heaters

Recognized for their silence and even dispersion of heat throughout the room, these heaters are an excellent option as the temperature drops. The coils within the heater warm up and, in turn, gradually heat up the room, ensuring a consistently comfortable environment.

V-Guard ECV 2000 Heat Convector | Double Overheat Prevention Mechanism | Low Noise Performance -9% Off - Rs 2,000.

1. Heating Scope

A crucial factor to keep in mind is the extent of the area you need the best room heaters in India. Estimating the requisite wattage for main heating based on a space's square footage is relatively straightforward-typically 10 watts of heat power for each square foot. However, determining the specifics for additional heating can be somewhat more complex.

2. Acoustic Output

Most electrical equipment, including numerous portable heaters, produces a measure of sound when operating. For quiet locations such as your bedroom or office, you might want to look into non-fan-forced models like baseboard heaters or standalone convection heaters, renowned for their silent performance. Cadet wall and baseboard heaters are notable instances, outstanding for their comprehensive room heating abilities which produce minimal noise interference. For spaces like bedrooms and offices where silence is a priority, radiant space heaters serve as effective solutions.

3. Selection of Heater

The subsequent aspect to ponder is the kind of best room heaters in India you require. Although a vast array of heater designs exist, all electric heaters principally fall under one of three heating mechanisms: convection, infrared, and fan-forced.

4. Safety Features

Safe operation and placement of space heaters are of utmost importance, ensuring you diligently review the owner's manual with a focus on safety procedures. It's critical to maintain top-notch safety when using heaters.

5. Energy Efficiency

Energy conservation is both environmentally friendly and beneficial in reducing heating costs. While there isn't a definitive efficiency standard for portable electric heaters like the EER ratings available for portable AC systems, it's not difficult to compute the operating costs of a heater. To prevent a surge in your electric bills, it's crucial to remember that the primary role of most space heaters is to provide supplemental heat, not to be the primary source of heat. The only exceptions to this rule are large wall heaters or baseboard/cove heaters. It's important to select a suitable model for your space and your requirements, possibly considering the best room heaters in India with lower amperage.

Navigating through trivial gimmicks of the market, here we compress a list of the best room heaters in India.

Take a look at the feature-packed Havells room heater - a white and black jewel that's earned its place among the best room heaters in India. Its cool touch exterior provides a safety buffer against accidental burns, and an overheat protection feature protects your heater, ensuring longer than average lifespan. This device is perfectly suited for both cozy indoor spaces and open-air outdoor environments.

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The Havells Room heater's features don't stop there! It boasts an adjustable thermostat control for customized temperature settings, a cleanable dust filter to maintain hygiene, and two power settings - 1000 W and 1500 W for flexible energy consumption. The inbuilt oscillation function ensures even distribution of heat across the space while an integrated handle provides for easy portability. Most impressively, this heater's positive temperature coefficient (PTC) ceramic heating element guarantees uniform heating throughout your room, bringing you the ultimate warmth this winter. Havells Room Heaters Price: Rs 2,999.

Get ready to beat the winter chill with the Morphy Richards Special Feature Radiator-comes on the list of one of the best room heaters in India! This radiator flaunts a sophisticated White and rose gold finish and operates indoors at a voltage of 230 volts. Its zero oil technology ensures heater heats up faster and is significantly lightweight when compared to traditional oil filled radiators (OFRs).

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The Twin Copper plated heating elements provide a naturally high heat transfer rate and maintains better air quality indoors. Plus, it maintains humidity levels ensuring negligible skin dryness. Designed with a digital touchscreen interface, this 2000-watt heater offers better control and a stylish look. Get your hands on the Morphy Richards Zero Oil Radiator today. Morphy Room Heater Price: Rs 16,999.

Don't let approaching winter chills give you a cold shoulder! Welcome warmth into your home with Havells' Pedestal Electric Heater. Known to be amongst the best room heaters in India, Havells room heater melds design and functionality seamlessly. With the cord storage and rear safety cover, one needn't worry about the safety aspect. The overheat protection and the tilt-over switch are thoughtfully added to avoid any potential accidents.

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By thermostatic heat control, you can set the heat to the desired level while the castor wheels make it easy for you to move the heater around. The PTC heater with fan ensures uniform heating and at a power consumption of 2000 watts, it's an energy-efficient option. Operating at a power input of 230 V, this heater is exactly what cozy winter dreams are made of. Havells Room Heater Price: Rs 7,970.

Meet your new best friend this winter - the Orient Electric Areva Fan Room Heater! This white, sleek, and stylish heater is one of the best room heaters in India. Ideally designed for your bedroom, home office, or study room, it can comfortably heat up any room up to 180 sq ft.

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Fitted with a full copper motor and made from durable ABS plastic, the heater is as hardy as it is visually appealing. With two heating modes, 1000W and 2000W, an adjustable thermostat, and a long 1.3 m power cord, it is extremely user-friendly. When summer comes around, the 2300 RPM fan will keep you cool. Five levels of ISI-approved safety measures and an aesthetic metal mesh cover also heighten its appeal. Orient Electric Room Heater Price: Rs 1,649.

Make your winters cozy and comfortable with the Morphy Richards electric room heater. This heater, a top pick among the best room heaters in India, is a versatile addition to your winter essentials. Operating at 2000 Watts, this heater is designed to provide instant warmth, ensuring your peace and comfort throughout the cold season. This floor mount heater features a 3-pin power socket plug and overhead protection with a power selector for safe usage.

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With Morphy Richards adjustable thermostat and power selector knob, you can customize the heat output to cater to your comfort quotient. To enhance the user experience, this personalized comfort-oriented heater is incorporated with an indicator light for ease of operation. Convenient and elegant in design, the white-hued Aristo is equipped with an easy carry handle for your convenience. Morphy Richards Room Heater Price: Rs 3,999.

Looking for the best room heaters in India? Allow us to bring your search to an end with our KHAITAN AVAANTE Electric Heater. Conveniently portable and beautifully crafted in a sleek white design, the heater can heat up various spaces like your bedroom, bathroom, car, and even your office.

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Empowered with a power of 2000 Watts, you can trust it to deliver quick and efficient heating wherever you need it. Also, the heater is simple to use and easy to maintain making it the go-to option for everyone. As a cherry on top, it sports a safety tip-over switch. Now make your comfort zone snug and toasty with this heater wherever you go! KHAITAN AVAANTE Room Heater Price : Rs 1,299.

Keep the chill out of your space with Activa, listed among the best room heaters in India! Designed with two heat settings of 1000 watts and 2000 watts, this room heater ensures your rooms, offices, or other spaces are always the perfect temperature. An overheating safety protection feature provides peace of mind, preventing any damages caused by overheating.

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Its lightweight design and ability to be placed either vertically or horizontally allow you to use it in any room. The machine is equipped with a 100% pure copper wire motor that lasts longer and is designed as per BIS Approved ISI specifications. Activa Room Heater Price: Rs 999.

Grey and graceful is the Orpat Portable Heater. As one of the leading room heaters in India, it boasts a cabinet form factor designed to be portable and versatile. Sized just right for spot-heating rooms up to 250 square feet, it's ideal for indoor small to medium-sized rooms. The heater is powered by a 100% pure copper wire motor which extends its longevity.

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You might notice some noise from the fan but rest assured knowing it has a non-sagging, long-life heating element. Temperature control is a cinch with its variable thermostat setting. Safety measures include an auto-revolving heater, overheat protection, a touch sensor trigger, and safety and thermal cut-offs. It supports a dual option of two heat settings of 1000 watts and 2000 watts, and can even double up as a fan. Orpat Fan Heater Price: Rs 1,449.

Tackle chilly winter days head-on with the Usha room heater. This black-colored heater is one of the best room heaters in India that you can find. It features a cabinet form factor that not only ensures the heater fits perfectly in any room but also gives it an attractive look. It's designed with a unique Adjustable Tilt Head, so you can direct the heat in whichever direction you want. The heater is perfect for spot heating in small rooms up to 12 sq. ft.

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USHA room heater comes with an ISI mark which guarantees safety. It's designed with a Twin Turbo system for fast and efficient heating. The side vents make it easy for the appliance to draw air inwards for better heating. With an inbuilt fan, the heater ensures instant heat catering to your needs instantly. USHA Room Heater Price: Rs 2,370.

Bajaj's blue pedestal heater stands as one of the best room heaters in India and boasts an excellent balance of form and function. This floor-mount heater is perfect for smaller spaces, providing an impressive 1000 watts of radiant warmth. The heating element type - wire wound on a refractory rod - ensures an efficient heating process.

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The adjustable thermostat offers personalized comfort. This Bajaj Heater has a CRCA body and features a cotton braided cord for safety, a Nickel-Chromium Plated mesh grid for effective heating, and an overheat protection feature. With a cord length of 1.5 meters and its tidy operation, this heater is a handy and neat heating solution for your home. Bajaj Room Heater Price: Rs 849.

Even though the market is saturated with innumerable choices, your selection of the top space heater in India will be dependent on your individual requirements and budget restrictions. Comprehension of your room size, safety anxieties, running costs, and heater variety can assist you in your choice.

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