High Resistivity Spiral Coil Heating Wire Furnaces Element

High Resistivity Spiral Coil Heating Wire Furnaces Element

High Resistivity Spiral coil heating wire Furnaces element Our company mainly produces high-temperature heating strip wi


Basic Info.
Model NO. 0Cr23Al5
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Application Dynamic Braking Resistors, Heating Resistor
Elongation >12%
Type Winding, Z-Shaped, Spiral
Standard GB/T 1234-2010
Advantage Large Volume Weight,Uniform Resistance
Max Coil Weight 15 Tons
The Highest Use Temperature 1250c
Resisivity 1.35
Density 7.35g/cm3
Chemical Composition 0cr23al5
Characteristics High Resistivity, Good Oxidation Resistance
Product Name Heating Resistance Strip
Transport Package Wooden Cases or Cartons
Specification 0.1-9mm
Trademark HUONA
Origin Shanghai
HS Code 72209000
Production Capacity 300 Tons / Month
Product Description

High Resistivity Spiral coil heating wire Furnaces element

Our company mainly produces high-temperature heating strip with low impurities, high purity, good surface oxidation resistance, stable resistivity, corrosion resistance, good processing performance and high temperature strength and weldability. The products can be directly processed into winding, Z-shaped, spiral, etc., and widely used in metal smelting, mechanical manufacturing, industrial electric furnaces, small electric furnaces, muffle furnaces, household appliances, transportation and other industries to produce heating elements and resistance components. Our product specifications are complete in advanced technology and guaranteed quality. Welcome new and old customers to order!The advantages of high temperature heating wire:Our product has a long service life and high temperature resistance, such as the maximum service temperature of HRE iron-chromium aluminium alloy wire can reach 1400ºCin the atmosphere; the oxidation resistance of the product surface is very good, the AI2O3 film formed after oxidation has a good high resistivity and resistance; and the allowable surface load is large; its specific gravity is smaller than that of nickel-chromium alloy; its resistivity is also higher and the sulfur resistance is better; but Its price is obviously lower than that of nickel-chromium alloy.The production of spring electric furnace wire (industrial electric furnace wire, high-temperature electric furnace wire) uses high-quality nickel-chrome resistance wire and high-temperature resistant iron-chromium-aluminum wire as raw materials, precisely controls the power of the furnace wire, and is automatically wound by a high-speed wire winding machine. High temperature resistance, no radiation, environmental protection and pollution-free, fast temperature rise, continuous long, stable resistance, small power deviation, uniform pitch after stretching. The reasonable ratio of working time duration to tight winding length is 3: 1.Product parameters:1. The temperature resistance of nickel-chrome electric furnace wire is 1250 ºC, and the temperature resistance of iron-chromium-aluminum electric furnace wire is 1400 ºC;2. The surface color is bright, black, and the primary color is green, such as nickel-chromium alloy;3. The surface load of the furnace wire should be less than 1.5w / cm2.Attention:1. According to the power wiring method, a reasonable surface load should be used in the design to properly replace the wire diameter;2. Before the installation, the furnace should be inspected to remove the hidden dangers of ferrite, carbon formation, and contact with the electric furnace to avoid short circuits to prevent breakdown of the furnace wire;3. During the installation, it should be correctly connected according to the designed wiring method;4. Check the sensitivity of the temperature control system before use to prevent the temperature control from malfunctioning and causing the electric furnace wire to burn out.5. When the furnace wire breaks, people often connect the broken ends and reuse them. However, a high resistance will be generated at the joint, so it will not break for a long time. The following introduces a new method for connecting electric furnace wire: take a section (length 2cm) of thick copper wire (if there is no thick copper wire, twist several strands of thin copper wire instead) or aluminum wire, bend the wires separately and wind them around Furnace wire. This connection method does not produce high resistance and is very durable.Spring electric furnace wire is widely used in various industrial electric furnaces and civilian electric heating equipment such as small electric furnaces, tempering furnaces, reversing furnaces, muffle furnaces, curing furnaces, heating and air-conditioning equipment, and can also be used for liquid heating, various electric heating pipes and household appliances. , Chemical, metallurgical industries, etc. All are customized or designed according to customer requirements.When Inquiry, pls inform us below sizes1. d1: wire diameter2. D1: coil outer diameter3. S1: distance from middle to middle of two coil4. L1: heating length5. Voltage and wattage, or resistance

Alloy materialChemical composition %
0Cr21Al6Nb0.050.0250.0250.7≤0.6021.0-23.0≤0.605.0-7.0RestNb add0.5

Main technical characteristics of FeCrAl Alloy:



Major chemical component%Cr12.0-12.517.0-21.019.0-22.020.5-23.523.0-26.021.0-23.026.5-27.8
Addition Nb:0.5



Component max. use temperature950110012501250125013501400
Melting Point1450150015001500150015101510
Density g/cm37.407.357.
Resistivity μΩ·m,201.25±0.081.23±0.061.42±0.071.35±0.061.45±0.071.45±0.071.53±0.07
Tensile Strength Mpa588-735637-784637-784637-784637-784637-784684-784
Extension rate%161212 121210
Repeated bending frequency 55555
Fast lift h/- 80/130080/1300 50/1350
Specific Heat J/g.0.4900.4900.5200.4600.4940.4940.494
Heat Conduction Coefficient KJ/M.h52.746.963.

Linear expansion coefficient aX10-6/


Hardness HB200-260200-260200-260200-260200-260200-260200-260

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